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Beacon Fire Department
Scanner Frequencies

The City of Beacon Fire Department is dispatched by the Dutchess County Bureau of Fire. The following is a brief list of the county's main scanner frequencies. If you would like a complete list of the county's scanner frequencies as well as the Hudson Valley's please go to the Hudson Valley Scanner Frequencies.

Main Countywide Scanner Frequencies

Channel Frequencies Use
1/2 453.9000 Dispatch/Operations Talk Around
3/4 453.8000 Command/Command Talk Around
5/6 453.0500 Fireground/Fireground Talk Around
7/8 453.4500 Fireground/Fireground Talk Around
9/10 453.6250 Fireground/Fireground Talk Around
11/12 453.9500 Fireground/Fireground Talk Around
13/14 453.8500 FiregroundFireground Talk Around
15/16 453.9250 AllComm/AllComm Talk Around

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