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Beacon Fire Department
Recent Page Updates

Recent Page Updates

Two Year Anniversary Updates!!!

For the anniversary of the creation of the Beacon Fire Department Explorer's website, now Beacon Fire Department website, we have decided to completely redesign the main page of the website. We have also decided to update the different sections. In addition to that we also have added many new sections including an History and Vintage Photo section. In this section we will have a history of the City of Beacon Fire Department as well as a gallery of vintage Beacon fires and apparatus. We have also added a Department Officers section. In addition we also have added a Memorial section. More updates are on the way, so check back often.

Into the Future.

While we cannot anticipate many things and how or when they will take place, we can definitely tell you what is in the near future of this site. Within January of 2001 we should have all of new sections completed. Also a few new sections will begin to be built.

Our New Advertising Banner

We also have finally recieved our new and improved banner designed by Fisch Website Design Company. You may copy the banner and put it on your site and link it to our site ( You can see the banner below.

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