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Beacon Fire Department
Recent Department News

The Recent Department News section contains any changes within the Beacon Fire Department as well as recent events and upcoming special events. This section also includes any public release information such as run totals.

Recent Department News

Firefighters Awarded for Heroism at Recent City Council Meeting

It was a dramatic scene for a dramatic rescue. On February 20, 2001 during the City Council Meeting four firefighters were awarded for their heroism at a recent structure fire. On January 28, 2001, City of Beacon Fire Department was dispatched to a kitchen fire. Upon arrival there was heavy fire in the rear of the 2nd floor of the 2.5 story apartment building. There also was a subject trapped on the 3rd floor. Four firefighters, Tim Joseph, Matt Debetsky, Mike Papo, and Jerry Antalek, quickly raised ground ladders to the third floor and rescued the victim. The victim was transported to a local hospital and received only minor injuries. At the meeting the Mayor and the Chief of the Fire Department, Terrance Davis, presented awards to the four firefighters. Some of the residence of the building were also present and thanked the firefighters. Each station in the fire department and the Beacon Volunteer Ambulance Corp. also received awards for their great efforts at the fire.

For pictures of the City Council Meeting, please Click Here.

Election 2000 Results are In

The election for the department officers for the year 2001 results are in. The results of the Beacon Fire Officers election is as follows:

Fire Chief: Terrance Davis
Assistant Chief: Dennis Lahey, Jr.
Headquarters Captain: Louis Amoroso, Jr.
Station 1 Captain: Thomas Dicastro, Sr.
Station 2 Captain: Peter Hackbart

For more information regarding the 2000 Beacon Fire Election or for more information on the Beacon Firematic Officers please click here.

114th Annual Lewis Tompkins Hose Banquet

On Saturday, November 18, 2000, the Lewis Tompkins Hose Co. hosted their 114th Annual Banquet. Among the guests were the Mayor of the City of Beacon, Clara Lou Gould; City Council members; and officers from neighboring departments. Many awards were presented to the members of the company. Phil De Candia, Denny P. Lahey, Joseph Piga, Kevin Scofield, and Larry Way were awarded for their 25 years of service to the company. William Green, Louis Ritter, and Vincent Smith were awarded for their 50 years of service. The 22nd Annual James Caruso Award was presented to Aaron Yerks. Also this year a new award was presented. The 1st Annual Emerory De Rose Memorial Fire-Police Award. This year the 1st annual award was presented to Nick Francese.

Run Totals for April-June 2000

April 2000

Total Alarms: 82
First Alarms: 24
33-11: 21
33-12: 29
33-45: 2
33-55: 6

May 2000

Total Alarms: 79
First Alarms: 16
33-11: 26
33-12: 33
33-45: 1
33-55: 3

June 2000

Total Alarms: 100
First Alarms: 25
33-11: 23
33-12: 39
33-45: 2
33-55: 11

Total Alarms for April-June 2000: 261

Public Notices

911 is now on line!!!

If you have an emergency, such as any fire or risk of fire, if you smell gas, a possible heart attack, whenever you need an ambulance, have a motor-vehicle accident, or have other related emergencies you now call 911.

New Smoke Detector Program

All City of Beacon residents will receive a free smoke detector or batteries with a free home safety evaluation provided by the Beacon Fire Department. For more information contact the fire department at 831-1334.

More News to follow as available.

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