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Beacon Fire Department
Fire-Police Unit

The Beacon Fire-Police Unit is a 11 man unit that is known as the "Safety Unit of the Fire Department." The Beacon Fire Police Unit serve as many of the same functions as police officers at fires and other emergency scenes. These functions can include traffic control, crowd control, scene security, and other functions which may be required.

Fire Police are volunteers who benefit the city by reducing the number of police needed to serve these vital functions at emergency scenes and wherever their services are requested. Although they are not paid, Fire Police carry the same authority and powers as police officers at any location to which they are dispatched or requested to serve.

Annual Emerory DeRose Award

Started on November 18, 2000, the Annual Emerory DeRose Memorial Award is presented by the Lewis Tompkins Hose Company during their annual banquet to the most deserving Fire-Police Member. Below is a list of the past recipients:

2000- Nick Francese
2001- TBA

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