BFD Junior Firefighters
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Beacon Fire Department
Junior Firefighter Program

Home of the Bulldogs

Since 1988, the Beacon Fire Department is very proud to be the host of a successful junior firefighter program. Many of the current officers and members are former junior firefighters. All of the junior members receive firefighting training. Within one year they are required to take a minimal of the New York State F/F 2000 Basic course. This course is 42 hours long and is run by New York State Fire Instructors. The program is designed to teach new firefighters the basics of firefighting.

We are always interested in getting new youths within our program. Anyone wishing to become a junior firefighter should contact the Beacon Fire Department by either telephone or e-mail. Applications are available at all three of Beacon's fire stations. Help Your Community Today!!!

Requirements to be a junior volunteer firefighter in the City of Beacon:

1. You must be aged 16-18.
2. You have to reside within the City of Beacon.
3. Must be willing to work as part of a team.
4. And You have to be available for regular training sessions and meetings.

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